Are laguna table saws any good

By TumblesNovember 11, in Product Reviews. I searched for a Table saw for about 6 months and decided that I wanted about as high end as I could go, without requiring house electrical work. I'm in Australia, so this meant a v, 10 amp saw.

In the Australian market, this left me with pretty much two choices. The Jet Proshop 10", and the Laguna Fusion. Both are what would be considered Hybrid saws.

Turning to the internet for research I live about 2 hours drive away from the dealers for each brand I found a lot of information on the Jet, but next to nothing on the Laguna. This is why I thought I'd put this review up, so that other people interested have something to look at!

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Therefore I have nothing to compare against, but fair to say I am very impressed! Trunnion mounted blade guard and riving knife supplied. Full cabinet construction with integrated wheels and cabinet not table mounted trunnion. The saw arrived well packaged in a plywood crate, with the fence and fence rails packaged separately.

There was also some funny Taiwanese cereal w rapper that the cabinet was resting on. Unpacking was a simple single man procedure due to the inbuilt wheels. I just used a scrap bit of wood as a ramp a wheeled it right off the crate and into position. Note though that the wheels are braked in the crate so you want to check the manual to see how to unlock them, rather than just wonder why the wheels are so stiff like me! Everthing was in mint condition except for some scuff marks on the cabinet on one face that rubbed out easily enough.

The wings and fence attached about as easily as expected. That is to say its not easy to do solo, but is quite possible. The wings and fence rails all just used bolts to attach. They needed a tiny bit of manipulation to hold in place as the bolts were done up but in general the alignment was very good.

No bolts or washers missing and everything went together smoothly. Next I went through the calibration. I checked the alignment of the the blade to the miter slots, the rip fence to the miter slots, the 45 and 90 degree blade stops, the vertical alignment of the rip fence, and the alignment of the miter gauge.

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Overall everything was great. The left miter slot was. The 45 and 90 degree blade stops were bang on. The fence was. The miter gauge was out by only. The only thing that was a bit iffy was the measuring tape on the fence. Firstly it was stuck on slightly crooked, although the effect of this over 60 cm was negligible. It was also stuck on further down the fence rail than ideal. This meant that whilst the manual said the left end of the fence should be flush with the end of the left wing, I actually had to sit it slightly further to the left to ensure that the 0 mark on the tape was sitting in the right place.

I fitted a Freud Fusion blade because the original blade was pants. Check out the quality of the carbide brazing had to have the Fusion blade to go with the Fusion saw!

Turns out the plug had a 15 amp earthing pin rather than a normal sized 10 amp pin! Fair to say I was most disappointed in this, but then an idea came. I just connected it to an international adaptor plug.First of all, a good, large table top for the saw is important to me for large rip capacity when dealing with things like plywood.

But even with a large surface area, I really wanted cast iron wings. Well, two reasons: First, its a good, flat surface that goes across the entire table without sag.

Second, it keeps the work piece from vibrating for accuracy. The Laguna Fusion has all of these important features. The fence is the bread and butter to a good table saw, so naturally it was important for me to have something that has a self centering T-Lock system that glides smoothly and does not deflect. The Laguna definitely does just that. My last blade guard was not thick at all, so it would actually bend into the saw when working with small pieces.

And lastly, I love that this is a cabinet saw disguised as a hybrid saw. Therefore, this allows for the top to be true and not sucked into the cabinet. And it makes for easy adjustments when it comes to tuning your saw.

Log In. No Products in the Cart. Disclosure Advertise Contact.The NEW Fusion table saw is a premium light duty table saw. Unlike other hybrids, the trunnion is not attached to the tabletop, but mounted onto the frame like a real cabinet saw, this ensures the tabletop stays flat. It's always tricky drilling holes in wooden balls.

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You just can't quite get a good grip on them Skip to main content. Laguna 10" Fusion Tablesaw. Average reader rating. Brand: Laguna. Model: Fusion 36" Rip. Login to Write a Review.

Laguna Fusion F1 Table Saw Deep Dive Examination

Purchase Here. Login to Add to Toolbox. Reader Reviews Talk about Quality. This saw has it Reviewed by: fanofnhra Review Summary I love this saw. I did a lot of research before buying a replacement for my old Firestorm Black and Decker model. I checked of Sawstop, Craftman hybrid, Grizzly polar series,and Rigid.

Laguna 10" Fusion Tablesaw

The cost was not a factor in my decision. I was other reviews I had read. I wanted accuracy. That's what I got. What a pleasure it is to cut perfect 90 and Please look at this saw before buying any other. It is so accurate. What a quality unit. Detailed Ratings 5.Last modified : Aug 24, pm.

are laguna table saws any good

We are here to help you with the decision. Instead of searching for answers all around the Internet, you can find most of them in one place — here. The main elements of our full reviews are honesty, objectivity, and efficiency. You can rest assured that every single model we decide to review performs as described. When it comes to high-end hybrid saws, the Fusion model is among the best.

It includes a ton of useful and helpful features combined with high precision and a lot of sheer power. In simpler words, it can cut through anything without too much hassle.

Laguna is a pretty well-known companyand they are well-respected among both professionals and DIY-ers. One of the main characteristics of this model is the fact that unlike many other hybridsthe trunnion is not attached to the tabletop. This particular model has one of the neatest designs on the market. One of the greatest features design-wise is the available storage.

The built-in wheels help a lot when it comes to moving and portability.

Laguna Platinum Tablesaw

On the other hand, it is a particularly heavy machine on four wheels of questionable quality. However, the four leg knobs are great for adjusting the machine to your personal preferences.

Overall, the Fusion model can be regarded as stable and solid. The safety is okay, but far from impressive. The anti-kickback system is quite straightforward and effective. The button is positioned quite well meaning you can push it even with your knees.

The machine features a 4-inch dust-collecting port. You can hook any affordable industrial vacuum onto the machine, and it should work well. The first thing people notice and like about the Fusion is its impeccable design. In simpler words, the engineers responsible for the design have done an excellent job. One more advantage is the power of its motor. Many people keep it in their garage and move it like a wheelbarrow.

As we already said, it does require some assembly, so make sure you know what you are doing before turning it on for the first time. Make sure you read the manual before getting stressed out due to something not performing as it should.

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Serious and devoted professionals love the Fusion model. The price is quite affordableand some even find it surprisingly underpriced. People with a bit of previous experience usually use the full potential of this hybrid saw as soon as they put it to work.

On the other hand, the less-experienced ones may run into certain problems and uncertainties. Editor Rating: 4.After testing different hybrid table saws on various projects with our team spending over 30 hours in testing, research and consulting experts, we found out that Shop Fox W is the best hybrid table saw available in the market today.

are laguna table saws any good

In this guide, we will share all our test results and our expert reviews on the top 5 hybrid table saws. The best saw in our expert opinion. Great features and doesn't break the bank. If you are in a hurry and want to have a quick look at the main features of all our top picks and choose the one that suits your needs, this comparison table can help you out. This round up of top hybrid table saws will help you skip the hassle of going through the features of several products as the benefits and drawbacks of the best ones are clearly stated.

You see, you NOT only get to know their strengths, the reviews also elucidates their weaknesses. Unlike other table saws, this one also comes with a riving knife, magnetic switch, and heavy cast hand wheels, among many other really cool features below. For an easy and highly effective hybrid, this table saw will not only keep your work smooth but prized too. Not only that but the table comes with a riving knife that you can use for sawing.

The riving knife makes use of a quick release type of technology that allows you to easily use it whenever you need to. With these safety features, beginners can work on this hybrid table saw without getting anxious over an injury. Another thing great feature is that it has an easy glide T-fence system and gliding runners, making all your workings very smooth and simple. One of the best features it has, which addresses the problems of a lot of table saw owners, is its magnetic switch.

This magnetic switch allows you to control the usage of the table saw through just a few presses. It also has an overheat protection mechanism that can help keep the machine from a thermal overload. This is suited for anyone who's operating a medium size shop. One of the values of this saw is that you don't need an extra wiring in your shop.

Operating on a v, you don't need to bother yourself with a volt line. The Laguna Tools Fusion 36" has a built-in wheel system. This simplifies the ease of movement as you don't have to go through the hassle of moving it.

There's greater stability as the trunnions are mounted on the frame. This offers an added advantage over other hybrid tables as you'll be able to do more operations with more stability. This arrangement also makes it easier for you to adjust the trunnion to any angle of your choice. It also has perfect alignment of the miter gauge, blade, and fence along the box.

You see, you'll be able to cut through any kind of wood with great ease. With a speed of RPM and a power of 2 HP, the Shop Fox W [Insert link here] will be of great value for anyone looking for means of getting a precise and accurate woodwork. With a rip capacity of 30" to the right and 15" to the left, this hybrid table saw have high accuracy and precision as it cut through any wood.

The Shop Fox W hybrid table saw has a dust resistant feature to make your work dust free and neat. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. You can request for a change or have a FREE maintenance for any damage done. The major set back of this hybrid table saw is in its adjustment complexity and the trickiness associated while adjusting its component parts.When starting a woodworking shop, a table saw might not be one of the first tools you need to get things going.

In fact, it does far more than that. Miter cuts, crosscuts and bevel cuts can all be made using a table saw. With a long enough arbor, you can install a dado blade in your table saw which will allow you to make dado cuts or cut sluts and grooves with it. Enough to rip large size stocks to your desired size.

are laguna table saws any good

This will be very useful to you if you regularly work with large wood stock. With a good blade in the arbor, the motor is powerful and hungry for work. The table saw fence. It comes with a good manual with instruction that are easy to follow and clear labeled diagrams that aids you when assembling the machine. It comes with a 10 inch 24 tooth blade. Safety is a very important issue when dealing with table saws.

I could keep on going about this saw, but I got to leave the rest good features for you to discover by yourself. Personally, I like the large rip capacity that it has. The rolling stand actually makes the whole table saw very portable, because you can fold it in and roll it to wherever location you want it setup. It accepts a dado plate for those who use dado blade stacks.

If you get this table saw, the right thing for you to do instead of using the miter guage is to buy a good standard miter guage to go with the table saw. If you know how to, you can also build a miter sled or buy one to use with the saw. Apart from that, the DWERS table saw is one of the best portable jobsite table saws you can ever get your hands on. When it comes to creating quality woodworking power tools, Bosch has been doing it for years. The Bosch 10 inch portable jobsite table saw is one of the many woodworking tools with the Bosch brand name, which reechoes the statement I wrote above.

When you order the saw, expect to get the table saw and a gravity rise table saw stand. In fact, both of them comes packaged in a single box. Although Bosch could certainly do better with the instruction manual that comes with the table saw, setting up the saw is quite straightforward and easy. Talking about specs, the Bosch table saw got some good specs to keep you pumped. The saw comes equipped with a powerful 15 amps motor that spins the saw blade at a speed of RPM.

It performed extremely well in our hard wood test. It shops through any wood thrown at it without experiencing any kind of strain in the motor. I really like the soft start of the motor. When you start the table saw, the blade does not just start spinning at top speed, rather slowly from rest. Needless to say, the transition from rest to top speed is separated by just a few seconds.

Bosch also incorporated what is called a Constant Response Circuitry to the saw. The Constant Response Circuitry performs a simple but important task of increasing the speed of the saw blade in proportion to the load it is under. This ensures that the speed increases when cutting harder woods and adjusts appropriately when cutting soft wood, ensuring that the saw is not overloaded in any way. It has a rip capacity of 25 inch which is just enough to rip large sheet wood up to 4 ft wide to your desired size.

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You can bevel the saw blade between angles of -2 degrees to 47 degrees which is pretty impressive. As far as weight go, the weighs about 60 lbs which is a little bit on the heavy side, but with the gravity rise roller stand, transport or movement of the saw is just a piece of cake. When it comes to table saws, safety is always a concern.This article is about my experience with Laguna Tools, Inc. I did not receive anything in exchange for writing this article and nobody but my friend and editor Mike knew that I was writing this article.

Along with rave reviews of their bandsaws, there have also been many comments about poor customer service. Like many, I was impressed with their saws.

However, the virtually non-existent customer service that I kept reading about was enough to discourage me from considering buying one of their saws. I received some literature and a video to review. He admitted that at one point they had some staffing problems but assured me it was in the past. In the end, I bought my sliding table saw from Grizzly Industrial Inc.

A new woodworking tool store opening within an hour of my house? I had to go. Inside the store I walked up and down the aisles of machinery checking out the great selection of high-end machinery not found in most other local stores.

I recognized co-owner Cole Moore and wandered over to introduce myself we are both active on the Canadian Woodworking forum. He admitted that getting parts from Laguna can sometimes take a while but promised to take care of any issues I might have. I went back to look at the Laguna bandsaws and got talking to Benjamin Helshoj or Benny as his peers call him whom I had met at the Cloverdale Woodworking Show the month before.

I asked him how the Laguna saws compared to other brands such as Grizzly. He commented on how lightly constructed the Grizzly saws are when compared to his. Later, I left the store empty-handed but with much to ponder. Fast forward five months when I had some serious milling and resawing to do. After much research and deliberation I decided on the Laguna LT I will post a review of the saw later.

With the help of my friend, Mike, we carefully unloaded the saw into my garage; moving it down to the shop would have to wait for a dry day. We unpacked the saw and cleaned off most of the cosmoline. I called Kevin at Canadian Woodworker and described the problem. I took this picture and e-mailed it to him. About ten minutes later, Kevin called me and told me that Benny was upset that it had made it past quality control and the service tech thought that it was just powder coating that could be removed with grit emery paper.

Despite my misgivings, I took some grit emery paper to the trunnion support. It was clearly not just powder coating and indeed only partially machined. I called Canadian Woodworker and ended up talking to Doug, the manager, as Kevin was on the road for a couple of days.

My Experience with Laguna Tools, Inc. and Canadian Woodworker Ltd.

Doug agreed to let me swap out my trunnion with the one from the display model. The next day, I drove out to Canadian Woodworker and swapped the trunnion support.

I pointed this out to Doug before I left and asked him to order another for me.


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